Today I needed to find a workitem in TFS (Team Foundation Server) but didn’t know in which Team Project it was. I also didn’t know the workitem ID so I was getting ready for a big search through all the projects. Then I decided that there must be a better way to do this, and that it couldn’t be that I was the only one with this problem.

After searching a bit on google I found this plugin for Visual studio and Team Explorer and it works great! It adds a toolbar to Visual Studio with a small search field in it where you can put any search word. It then will search through all the workitems in all the projects and gives you a list with items it finds. Exactly what I needed so I added it to my great tools for .NET development toolbox!

You can find this plugin on codeplex:

The description on codeplex for this plugin is:
This plugin for Team System puts a little search box right into Visual Studio to make it easy to find work items. It is an addin for Team Foundation Client (Team Explorer) and is accessible from the Team menu when you’re connected to a Team Foundation Server and is also available from a VS Toolbar. You just type in some search text and it runs a work item query for you showing you results across the work item store, or enter a work item ID to immediately open a specific work item.

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